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With all the hustle and bustle that comes with holiday season you might end up in a position where you realize, “Well, damn. It is three days before Christmas and I have no idea what to get her.” Or you may be reflecting back on your year, all the good and the bad things that happened, you might be thinking to yourself, “Girl, you have had a long year, you deserve a treat!” Regardless what the reason may be here is a girly gifting guide to get your minds inspiration flowing and not necessarily using all your $$$. From afforable options to splurging on some goodies glance over my carefully curated list. Gift Guide | HERGift Guide | HERGift Guide | HERGift Guide | HER

  1. Flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers. Maybe get creative and look into the individual meanings that flowers can hold and get her something special.
  2. Scrunchies. If this girl has hair longer then middle length then she will appreciate this gift. No matter how minuscule, these velvet scrunchies aren’t just trendy but they are the best for holding up your hair because they are so soft. I use mine for everything and since I have such long hair it is nice to sleep with these without leaving harsh dents or giving me a headache.
  3. Candels. I think it is fair to say that a woman can never have enough candles, especially with this chilly season. Make sure you have a rough idea if your girl is the cookie cake batter kinda lady, or the eucalyptus mint girl before buying! But the gift of smelling nice never goes unappreciated.
  4. Funky glasses and sunnies. This one can be fun because if you know what kind of style sunnies your bff loves then this is easy, and ladies we all know that having those cute and cheap pairs of sunglasses are great from day to day without living with the fear of scratching them or loosing them. If not opt for a funny alternative, pick up some funky old school shades for your girl and yourself. Oh! and don’t forget to snap some cute pics.
  5. ColourPop Shadows. If you are gifting to more of a makeup lover like myself, then Sephora might seem like a handful! There are so many brands, colors, and formulas that choosing the right product might be difficult. I think a solid way to go is with ColourPop Cosmetics. Not only is it affordable, but their eyeshadows literally never fail to be the creamiest, and you can also never fail with any neutral shades. 😉
  6. Lippies. Wether you grab her some chapsticks or some Kylie Lip Kit glosses, lip moisture is also always appreciated.
  7. Jewelry. Alright so lets say you want to get your girl something more personal and classic. The best route to go is necklaces/chokers. You don’t need to know their ring or wrist size and necklaces can be found at all price ranges. For something more unique opt for something like this gold chain link choker, its a choker but this can definitely be worn out and dressed up!
  8. Slides. Wether your girl is more laid back and likes to play ball like a lot of my friends do, or your just like me and need some cute slippers to be super casual in to run day to day tasks, this gift will keep on giving.
  9. Baby Backpacks. Not every girl likes a big purse, and every girl needs something versatile for running their daily errands. This mini baby backpack trend has been everywhere and it fulfills my every need. Check out this cute plastic Furla candy dupe for an affordable option!
  10. Card Holders. If you want to splurge on your lady then I think a great and eternally useful gift is a cardholder. No matter what time passes and what trends come and go a luxury card holder will forever be useful and it will always have a purpose. 🙂

Gift Guide | HERRegardless, of what you get your girl there is nothing more valuable then verbal appreciation and a loving hug and/or a kiss! I hope this list helps you out and inspires you to get the best gift for your boo. Happy Holidays!





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