Hidden Gem: Holsem Coffee

I decided to stray from my usual beauty and fashion related posts to share something a little different with you guys. There is nothing more valuable then experience and although I get sucked up in this hectic school realm, I love to get off campus and explore San Diego! I recently discovered this little place called Holsem Coffee in North Park that I had been eyeing for months. I would always pass is by while driving or walking to another destination, but I finally went in today and it was such a nice environment that I had to share with all of you.

Now I realize that you may not be in the immediate San Diego area but I hope this little review either encourages you to check this place out, or gives that little nudge you need to check out some of your own local coffee shops!

This little cafe is nestled right in the center of North Park, San Diego (literally you can see the big ol’ sign from the front window) the music is trendy but relaxing, the aesthetic is modern, sleek and beautiful, and better yet the coffee is no joke. I ordered the Le Vie en Rose Cappuccino which is a rose, honey, milk, caffeine filled cup of goodness. I was extremely impressed with their speedy service and utmost attention to detail, even when it came to the rose petals on my little drink. Holsem Coffee Review Holsem Coffee Review Holsem Coffee ReviewHolsem Coffee Review


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