Thigh High Lovin’ ♡

Alright guys so I’ve been wanting to share these bad boys with you sooooo badly! These thigh high boots are everything and the best part about these is:

1. They do not fall down easily. There is nothing worse then having to consistently pull up saggy boots!

2. The heel is not super high (bonus: that means you can wear them everywhere).

3. The lace-up detailing in the back is totally unique compared to most thigh high boots!

4. Right now they have four different colors, and they offer a 10% of student discount for my fellow students!

When I first got these boots I was totally stoked, but I must admit they were a bit intimidating. At first, I honestly only wore them with leggings, but after a bit of Pinterest browsing I quickly realized there are so many more options! I have come to the conclusion that thigh high anything looks better when you show a little leg, so I paired these badass boots with some basic ripped denim shorts (Hollister I know, but c’mon I worked there for about a year so I have so many cute short-shorts!) Since it is a daytime look, and I wasn’t trying to be extremely risqué, I wore a loosely fitted, stripped, button up flannel. I realize that summer is here, if not right around the corner for some of you, but I’m not sure if these gems will still be available for the fall and winter months to come. I just had to share these with you loves!

Styling wise, I just did some casual loose waves, and I wore my fave lipstick, Velvet Teddy by MAC. Wishing you all happy summer days!

xoxo B


boots – Ego Official

shorts – Hollister

Flannel – Dynamite (out of stock)  but there is a super similar one 😉 @ Zara

Photography: @benjeezyyabeezy



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