Spanish Streetstyle

This blog post is long, long, long overdue! I have had the most life-changing opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. I have been attempting to share my experience with you guys through my social media, but this city is filled with so much magic, I could not possibly convey all of my experiences through instagram. I am currently working on a very detailed Madrid travel guide for anyone who really wants to explore this cool city. In the meantime, my friend @jasminedenisse and I walked a couple blocks from my school to shoot this quick lookbook for your viewing pleasure!

On a regular day of taking the metro, walking through busy streets, and coming and going between classes and cafes it may be tempting to dress in the comfiest clothes you own. Despite the hectic lifestyle, woman in Madrid dress-up to take on whatever the day has in store.  I wanted to come up with a look that is both simple to replicate, yet cool enough to represent the chic style Spanish woman have everyday. My favorite thing to do is to take basic pieces of clothing and combine them together with a statement piece, or skirt in this case, that will make all the difference. For example, I have these black perspex boots that although simple, add an extra shiny element to the whole outfit. The statement piece is obviously the skirt, with its intricate zippers and burgundy color, making the outfit something unique.

I chose to the style the skirt with a simply white tee and a matching white bag to continue to accent the burgundy skirt. By keeping the rest of my outfit neutral the brightly colored skirt becomes the main aspect in the outfit. Oftentimes simplicity really is better, which is what most Spanish woman have mastered when it comes to their trendy street style. Comfort with practical statement peices can make any outfit stand out.

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I hope this blog post inspires you to utilize your basics in the best way possible, with a statement piece! You don’t need to have all the expensive luxuries in the world to make any boring outfit stand out on the streets.