It’s Complicated: Nude Thigh Highs

Hello everyone! I know it has been awhile since I last posted, I have been so busy traveling and basically squeezing every drop of life out of my winter break before I start up school again. Although, I could talk about how hectic my life has been, today I will be chatting with you about something a little different… nude boots. On my hunt (yet what could now be considered an obsession lol) for the perfect thigh high boots I found my trusty black lace-ups that, if you have been following me for a bit, you surely have seen before. Soon after, I did find my perfect pair of black thigh high boots I naturally decided I needed at least one other pair, something different, a bit more challenging, just something fun. I ended up ordering these gorgeous peep toe tan lycra thigh highs that I adore, yet just like I asked they were challenging to wear! Below I share with you how I styled these tan beauts and of course to hopefully inspire your wardrobe.

When figuring out how I wanted to wear these, I grappled a bit. My first instinct was to pop on a cute sweater dress and be done. Unfortunately for me, and all other petite ladies that feel my pain, all my winter dresses were not short enough for the extra high boots. Short shorts were just not practical with the chilly weather outside, and I wasn’t going to give up and settle on just pairing these magnificent boots with some regular jeans and a tee. Although, disclaimer I hold nothing against  jeans and a tee, I was just simply determined to come up with something more creative!Brand Library LookbookFirst things first, I picked up my tight fitted high-waisted black skinny jeans from Hollister. I used to work there when I was junior in high school, and I can still always count on theses jeans to fit me well and go with everything. When you aren’t quite sure were to even start when it comes to picking out an outfit, start from where you know. I know that these jeans are comfy, basic, and I can build of them to get my imagination flowing. Next, I picked up this super cute basic off-the-shoulder choker top. This top is perfect for this all black monochromatic outfit, because the top itself still holds its own uniqueness in that it isn’t just a plain black long sleeve. For some texture, since I am predominantly wearing one color, I grabbed my black faux fur clutch which I have been using nonstop since I got it!Brand Library Lookbook

Brand Library LookbookFor some alternatives, you can grab your favorite pair of black leggings, a solid colored off-the-shoulder top, and a thick choker. 🙂
Brand Library LookbookAs always thank you for reading, and remember to never let any fashion statement, article of clothing, or societal expectation intimidate you. Fashion and beauty is all about creativity and feeling confident in yourself and your persona. Leave me compliments, comments,questions, or concerns below.



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