Giddy in Plaid

So lately I have really been feeling these short and quick #ootd’s. I put together this outfit on Valentine’s Day being that I had to at least wear a pop of red on the special day of love. I think this is a unique outfit to share with all of you because as we start to head (slowly lol) into spring and summer we will be purchasing new clothes and trying out new ideas with the start of a new season. In this post I encourage you take your uber-high waisted jeans and maybe match them up in a new way.Giddy in Plaid

Giddy in Plaid

I paired my favorite, absolutely way too over worn, jeans with a super short plaid crop top. I passed by this little top in Zara, and it caught my attention because it looked like something I would have worn when I was like four years old.  In the midst of a fashion world, were models are the prime supporters of the #freethenipple movement, and sheer tops are center stage I think really short crop tops like this can be a cute twist to the basic crop top.

In addition, I paired the top with a classic motto jacket that I think added an edgy aspect in combination with the plaid! To finish off the combo I wore my favorite black lycra boots.Giddy in Plaid


I added the finishing touches to  the entire look with some funky jewelry, that I actually first noticed being a styled by the beautiful Danielle Bernstein! I got the cool gold safety pin earrings, and I wore my favorite simple little gold chain. 😉


I hope you enjoy these mini #ootd’s! As always leave me question, comments, compliments, or concerns, below!




Giddy in Plaid

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