Faux Fur & Urban Lights

First blog post of the year and I’m so excited to share this look with you! This photoshoot was totally last minute, I was in LA for less than 24 hours but we squeezed it in and I think the results were magical. I felt like an absolute boss in this outfit, so if you are looking for that “I’m wearing jeans but I’m still out to slay” kinda look, please keep reading. 😉 Faux Fur & Urban LightsWith the start of a new year many of us might be currently setting up our goals, looking for new opportunities, and just re-establishing the ambitions that keep us going everyday. I had the best time shooting this look because I think it captures that fresh air that comes with new beginnings, be bolder, be ambitious, and have fun in the process.Faux Fur & Urban LightsThis is one of my favorite outfits I have shot yet because I think it can easily be achieved, all you really need is a faux fur jacket. I wore my favorite vintage jeans (which I am sure isn’t a surprise at this point haha) with a simple little black bodysuit. You could easily exchange this for any solid colored basic top and get the same classic look. Faux Fur & Urban LightsFor accessories I chose to wear my also totally over used black velvet choker, because honestly if there is a chance I can wear one I will mostly take it. In regards to my clear aviators, like I mentioned in my Blushing Series part 2 & part 3, its always cool to have a pair of funky glasses, no matter what size, shape, or color. When you pull out a faux fur coat to strut around in, you might as well go all out!Faux Fur & Urban LightsNow if you are anything like me, or you even follow another fashion influencer on the internet I’m sure you have noticed that these furry jackets are all the rage right now. From creamy pinks, to fierce emerald greens you can find these faux fur coats pretty easily. They can range pretty drastically in price depending on wear you buy it, but no matter what you can bet that whoever is wearing it catches your eye. This is more of a commitment piece to have in your closet but since I have gotten it I can say it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. If you are someone that likes to stick to the basics but wants to try having a statement piece in your closet then maybe stick to a neutral colored  jacket like this or this collard version. Black is always an easy color to match. Now if you are a bit more daring maybe try this green or white option. Regardless, what color you decide to get, if any, I promise you will find a way to get good use out of it, its too darling not to. Faux Fur & Urban Lights

On my feet I wore these shockingly comfortable clear perspex heels. Ironically, when I showed them to my mom I thought she was going to hate them for sure, but she actually told me she had a pair just like them when she was younger. She added that they were her most worn pair of heels because they go with everything, literally. If you are looking for a unique versatile heel to invest in that you can wear pretty much any season these would be a good pair to consider. They have all kinds of options with different soles like glitter or black.

Faux Fur & Urban Lights

Thank you @benjeezyyabeezy for being the best photographer/friend ever! And as always please leave me comments, compliments, questions, or concerns in the comments below! I am so thrilled to continue sharing what I love with all of you this year.




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